Cyber security consultancy

From complete architectural review to individual advisory meetings we cover a broad spectrum when it comes to IT security.
As persons involved in important hackers’ groups in our teenage years, we have a solid background and know how to protect your structure from undesirable third parties.

Below you can find a non-exhaustive list of given services.

IT infrastructure review

IT infrastructure review

Whether you are an SME having to deal with cybersecurity for the first time or a larger entity with already established strategies we assess your IT infrastructure and provide you a detailed analysis of the situation security wise.

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recovery from hack

Recovery from hack

Your company's website has been hacked?

You are the victim of a ransomware?

You have a serious slow down in your systems?

We understand of stressful these situations can be and offer same-day remote and on-site assistance (when possible). Contact us immediatly at 020 775 17 15

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Risk assessment

Individual risk assessment

Have you ever heard of data breaches? For example, In May 2016, a data breach at Linkedin exposed more than 120 million passwords, with a similar instance at Dailymotion a few months later with 90 millions accounts and their passwords revealed.

We collected copies of these databases over the years and archived them to help you or your organization to determine on an individual account basis if any passwords has been revelead. If this is the case, we can show you which ones are compromised to ensure you are secure in the future.

Today our archive combine more than 3 billions passwords coming from dozens of breaches. Contact us
Secure communication

Secure communication

Whether it is email communication, encrypted voip systems or more advanced multi layer encryption systems, we are always testing and integrating bleeding edge technologies in our projects to offer custom tailored solutions for you.

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